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Asked Questions

What are some do's and don'ts of investigating?


- Be respectful

- Ask for protection

- Introduce yourself

- Set boundaries

- Take pictures

- Do your research

- Ask a lot of questions (But give spirit time to answer)

- Record video

- Record audio

- Thank spirit for their time


- Provoke

- Taunt

- Deface memorials

- Damage property

- Trespass

- Allow an entity to follow

- Call upon darker forces

- Take anything

How do you know when a spirit is near you?

There are many ways to sense is a spirit is around you:

- Goosebumps (or the chills)

- Cold pockets

- Hearing a voice or whisper

- Peculiar scent or triggering smells

- Dreaming of someone who has passed

- Seeing their apparition

- Symbolic animals

- Angel numbers

- Sense that you're being watched

- Physical touch

If demonic:


- Nausea

- dizzy spells

- Insomnia

- Night terrors

- Sleep paralysis

- Sudden bursts of anger

- Feeling uneasy

- Physical harm

How do you know a place is haunted?

there are different types of hauntings:

- Residual Haunting (When energy is trapped and left behind from a traumatic or memorable event. This is imprinted in time and often occurs on a loop.)

- Poltergeist (Comes from the German words "Poltern" which mean "to knock" and "geist" which means "spirit." This is an energy characterized by noises, moving objects, and other physical disturbances.)

- Shadow People (Disturbed spirits who are not at rest. They are typically confused or unaware about their death, and they appear as human silhouettes that disappear in the blink of an eye. They Can be seen best with peripheral vision. Also referred to as "Fleeting spirit")

- Intelligent Haunting (This type of haunting involves spirits who are aware of the living and the passing of time. They are also known for moving objects and and manifesting as full body apparitions. Also referred to as an earth-bound spirit)

- Demonic Haunting (This type of haunting is the most harmful to the living. It causes physical ailments, mental and emotional distress, and night terrors. These spirits can physically hurt you and alter your personality. If untreated, demonic hauntings can lead to possession.)

- Haunted Objects (Some spirits haunt an object or prized possession they valued in life. In some cases, new ownership may upset the spirit attached, which can lead to hauntings and other disturbances.)

Book recommendations?

Our top recommended books to our followers are the following:

- Psychic Witch and Mystical Magick, Mat Auryn

- Old World Magick for the Modern World, Patti Negri

- The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk

- Astrology for Yourself, Douglas Bloch and Demetra George

- Witch, Lisa Lister

- Reincarnation, Paul Roland

- The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley

- May Angels be with you, Gary Quinn

- The Book of Psychic Symbols, Melanie Barnum

- Badass Ancestors, Patti Wigington

- The Ghost Studies, Brandon Massullo

- Sigil Witchery, Laura Tempest Zakroff

- "A Little Bit of" Series, authors vary

What type of equipment can be used on investigations?

- Pendulum

- Oracle or Tarot cards

- Spirit board

- Dowsing Rods

- Cat balls

- Electromagnetic field (EMF) Reader

- Temperature gauge

- Voice recorder

- Film camera

- Flashlight

- Spirit box

- REM pod

- SLS camera

- Trip wire

- Ovilus

- Necrometer app

- Camcorder

- Music box

How do I lessen activity in my home?

Lessening activity in your home can be done with the following techniques:

- Tidying up often

- Rearranging when the energy feels stagnant

- Using associated herbs for cleansing purposes (Be mindful of pets)

- Placing four Quartz crystals at every corner of the room you're trying to cleanse

- Putting salt on a lemon and letting it sit out of reach for a few days (again, be wary of pets.) This will absorb negative energy in the room.

- Using bells or other forms of noise for a sound cleanse to move the stagnant energy around (open a window to release)

- Putting Moon water in a spray bottle and spray around the home

- Putting a line of salt in window sills or doorways to keep negative energy out


If activity continues following a cleanse, more forces could be at play. It is then when a medium, witch, reiki master, or exorcist should get involved.

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